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Table skirting, skirting clips, chair covers, conference cloths and suppliers of hospitality equipment...

Forbes Group is a leading British manufacturer and supplier of table skirting, chair covers, conference cloths, catering trolleys, cocktail tables and banquet tables. We provide quality fabrics, furniture and equipment to the hospitality and associated industries.

Our hiqh quality products range include:

Furniture - folding tables, lightweight tables, banquet tables, stacking chairs, cocktail tables, lecterns, stages, screens and dance floors

Fabrics - conference cloths, table skirting, cloths, stretch covers, cocktail covers, chair covers, table protectors, logos and accessories

Equipment - room service and catering trolleys, public guidance, luggage and housekeeping carts

All of our products from table skirting and chair covers to conference cloths and lightweight folding tables and chairs are produced in standard or custom sizes. We do welcome your requests and input to suit your design criteria.

Give us a call on +44  UK (0) 1568 616638 to discuss your fabric and furniture requirements.

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