Conference Room Table Covers

Forbes Group are specialists in conference room table covers. We have been making conference cloths for over 35 years.

Conference Room Table Cover types:

Conference cloths - throw cloths and simple cloths with seams

Conference drop covers - pre-boxed table covers made to fit your conference tables

Mode covers - dual fabric covers with stretch covers for table legs and conference baize for the top

Conference Room Table Cover colours:

Conference cloth is available in over 30 colours including navy, blue, green, red and neutral beige.

Conference Room Table Cover options:

Conference cloths can have logos embroidered, printed or etched into the fabric. Banner cloths in the same or contrast colours can also be purchased and personalised. Drop covers can have side pleats, splits, or have only 3 sides so that meeting room delegates can sit comfortably at the tables. Drop covers can also be different heights - knee height or full length.

Stretch table covers can be used for conference rooms. Find out more about our stretch table covers.

Find out more about conference room table covers.

Photo by kind permission of Tommy Picone / Genivs Loci_Milan.