Folding Banquet Tables

Folding banquet tables are designed for heavy duty catering situations, suitable for hotel buffets, banquet halls, function rooms, catering, event venues, wedding venues, and restaurants. Fold away after use.

Features of folding banquet tables:

The legs of the folding banquet tables are quickly folded away after use.

  • Wide range of wipe clean finishes.
  • Flock coating to reduce sound also available.
  • Constructed from recyclable aluminium for easy handling and portage.
  • Table legs are held in place by magnets.

Sizes of Round Banquet Tables:

Standard sizes; 4 foot round banquet table, 5 foot/60 inch round table, 6 foot/72 inch round banquet table, 8 foot round or half round tables. Other sizes available.

Sizes of Rectangular Trestle Banquet Tables:

Standard sizes; 4 foot banquet table, 5 foot/60 inch banquet table, 6 foot/72 inch trestle table, 8 foot square or rectangular tables. Other sizes available.

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