Meeting Room Furniture

Meeting room furniture for boardroom, office, hotel or event venues. We supply a range of meeting room tables and meeting room chairs for every situation.

Modular meeting room furniture

Modular meeting room furniture includes our seminar table range which can be connected using cam locks to make oval, round, rectangular, u-shaped and large meeting room tables. Flexible meeting room furniture means you can reconfigure the room to suit the meeting type and number of attendees.

Office meeting room furniture

Folding and flip top tables are useful for office meeting room furniture, particularly where the room is not designated for meetings all the time and office meeting room furniture needs to be stored between uses.

Rectangular tables can be used as temporary desks in the office and office chairs can be used round the meeting room table or at the temporary desk.

Small meeting room furniture

We custom make all our furniture, so we can provide small meeting room furniture including small tables and suitable chairs. Stackable meeting room chairs can save storage space. Narrow meeting room tables are also popular where space is limited.

Board meeting room furniture

The seminar table range is available in executive wood finishes like oak, walnut and wenge. These meeting room tables and leather meeting room chairs will provide a professional finish to your boardroom.

Meeting room furniture products:

Meeting room tables

Meeting room chairs