Office Meeting Room Tables

Office meeting tables and meeting room tables for businesses or event venues. Folding, lightweight tables can be made to order to suit the modern office environment. Our meeting room tables and chairs are manufactured in the UK.

Office Meeting Room Table features:

Office meeting room tables can be rectangular or round or half round to enable modular configurations. Table tops are available in a wide range of wood finishes like Oak, Walnut, Beech or Wenge with chrome or black, grey or brown frames. Tables can be made to order to fit your meting room.

Meeting Table sizes:

Standard sizes; 4 foot, 5 foot/60 inch, 6 foot/72 inch, 8 foot. Available in Round, Semi-Circular, Oval, Boat-Shaped, Sectional or Modular, Square, Rectangular in small and large sizes. Custom sizes available.

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