Commercial Portable Mobile Bars (Indoor & Outdoor Bar Service)

We supply a range of portable bars for hotel and restaurant catering at events, whether they are indoor or outdoor.

Portable Mobile Bars:

Folding mobile bars are perfect for temporary bar service setups:

  • Buffet Cube is set up in seconds and provides a large wipe clean service surface with storage underneath.
  • Buffet-Rite converts a standard trestle table into a temporary bar when installed over a stretch table cover.
  • Slim-Fold is a fully fledged bar with ice bins, stainless steel counter and sliding rails.

Mobile Bars on wheels:

A range of portable mobile bars with wheels that can be brought into service when required:

  • 4859 is a stainless steel and dark wood portable bar
  • 4873 & 5771 are curved bars finished in wood laminate
  • 5773 has a remote controlled LED lit glass front
  • We also supply stainless steel back bars on wheels

More info on these bars can be found on the product pages:

Buffet Cube portable mobile bars

Buffet-Rite portable mobile bars

Slim-Fold portable mobile bars

Portable mobile bars on wheels