Room Service Trolleys with Hot Boxes

Room service trolleys with hot boxes allow you to service hot food and beverages directly to your guests in their hotel room. Room service trolleys comprise of a table with wheels and rails for the hot boxes to be carried under the table.

Key features of room service trolleys with hot boxes

  • Hygienic wipe clean table top surface
  • Nylon coated rails to carry hot boxes
  • Folding table edges for during transport
  • Quick shipping options available

Hotel room service trolleys

Hotel room service trolleys are easy to set up. Folding room service trolleys have drop leaf edges can be fixed into place once the dining service has arrived in the room. Room service trolleys can be covered with a table protector to reduce noise and a tablecloth to conceal the hot boxes.

The trolley has two rails underneath the table top onto which you can slide the hotbox or case to keep food warm until it arrives in room. One hotbox can be fitted on each side of the table. Room service hot boxes are sold separately and can be electric or solid fuel.

Room service trolleys with hot boxes are a fast efficient way to serve in-room meals to your hotel guests. The demand for in-room service has increased and the service must be fast to ensure that guests are not kept waiting for their meals.

Room service tables are also available.