Introducing EcoFab


Join us in making a material difference.

We offer our customers a huge selection of table and chair covers made in easy care fabrics. However our latest addition, EcoFab, is a ground breaking material. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which would otherwise go to landfill, it also requires 33-53% less energy to produce than virgin polyester.

In addition to these impressive credentials, EcoFab works just as hard for you as our other fabrics do. Our beautifully designed chair covers manufactured using EcoFab are durable and crease resistant. Table covers and skirting require less maintenance and repel stains. The fabric is easy-care, shrink resistant and non-iron.

We think it’s the eco-friendly fabric of the future and suspect that your customers would thank you for choosing EcoFab, due to its qualities of:

The Eco – Reduced environmental impact

The Fab – A more versatile fabric

Product Applications:

Chair Covers | Cocktail table covers | Table skirting | Simple-Fit skirting | Contemporary table covers

Make the material change to EcoFab and help improve your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Call us today for more information on 01568 616638 or contact us by email at