Is a conference cloth the same as a conference baize?

Conference cloths used to be called conference baize. The baizes were made of felt, very similar to the baize used on pool tables and they were thrown away after every use. These days contemporary conference venues often choose to leave the tables without a cloth, but for those that still clothe their tables, there are a few options for what type of cover to use.

Conference table cloth

Meeting room tablecloths can be simple throw cloths, rectangular or round cloths with hems that can be 'thrown' over the tables in advance of a conference. Conference table cloths of this type can be personalised with embroidery or printing or alternatively a banner cloth can be made in the same or a contrasting colour with the logo or crest added.

Conference table covers

Conference room table covers can also be made to fit the tables used in the room. These fitted drop covers mean that you don't need to box cloth which can be time consuming and you can save time by just pulling the cover over the table.

Photo: Bvlgari Hotel London, Tommy Picone / Genivs Loci_Milan

Bvlgari Hotel London, Photo: Tommy Picone / Genivs Loci_Milan

Conference speaker tables

Conference table covers can be made with four sides or three sides, leaving a space for the delegates or speakers to sit behind a table. A fitted drop cover can also be made with panels around the sides to allow space for delegates to sit at tables without a heavy cloth dragging around their legs.

Stretch table covers for conference tables

We have developed a product called a mode cover that combines the convenience of a stretch cover with a suede conference cloth top of either the same or a contrast colour. Mode covers can be made with an open back allowing speakers or delegates to sit at the tables.

Conference table cover care

Conference table covers are made from a suede-like fabric that is machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperatures. Table cover panels can be folded into the centre of the tablecloth for storage to prevent creasing. When cared for, conference cloth can last for many years. We have customers who are still using the same conference cloths they purchased over twenty years ago!

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