​Is hotel laundry done better in-house or outsourced?

One of the biggest operational costs of a hotel is the day to day requirement to keep towels and bathrobes fresh and linen crisp and clean for hotel guests. Laundering can consume up to 170 litres of water for every room on a daily basis. Efficient housekeepers can reduce this with modern machinery, batching laundry, water recycling and optimising drying time.

Pros & cons of in-house laundry

Transporting laundry – laundry carts on wheels

Whether you get your hotel linen laundered in-house or by a contractor, you’ll still be in need of laundry carts or linen trolleys to get the laundry from your hotel rooms to housekeeping. That’s where Forbes Group’s laundry carts come into play. Laundry carts on wheels make moving large quantities of linen around the building easier. Quality construction materials mean that linen trolleys are built to withstand high volume daily use.

Return on investment in laundry equipment

Investing in quality laundry equipment can equip your hotel to better serve your customer. Quality equipment will ensure that laundry is washed and dried to a high standard, improving the guest experience and reducing the cost of replacing worn items.

Consider the return on investment of any cutting edge technology that can assist your hotel to improve laundry services, for example control systems that modulate water and energy usage. Energy and time reductions can make in-house laundry a profitable service for the hotel and benefit your guests at the same time.