Lectern vs Lecturn

What is a lectern?

A lectern is a podium for public speakers at the front of a conference room, meeting room, university stage or church hall. The speaker can use the lectern to hold their papers, laptop or a glass of water while they speak.

Lecterns can have inbuilt AV connections and microphones, lights for reading speeches, or power sockets and cable management for laptops and mobile devices. Lecterns can also have shelves and cupboards for storage.

Lectern or Lecturn?

Lecturn is an old English spelling of lectern. Both mean the same thing, but lectern is more commonly used in the UK.

acrylic portable lectern

Portable lecterns

The acrylic lecterns that we sell are lightweight making them perfect when a portable lectern is required. Alternatively, wooden lecterns can be supplied with wheels to make them portable. 

Find out more about acrylic portable lecterns

Wooden lecterns

Forbes Group supply custom made wooden lecterns in seven wood finishes including beech, oak and walnut. Wooden lecterns are made in nine standard designs with optional extras and can have branded company logo plates added. View our range of wooden lecterns.