​Types of Table Skirting

What is table skirting?

Table skirts are cloth or paper coverings for the table edges used to hide unsightly legs or make the table seem more decorative. Table skirts come in panels that can be used all the way around the table or on only three sides, depending on what you need the table for.

Types of table skirting pleats

Table skirting comes in lots of different types of pleats and you can choose which pleat best suits your event venue or hotel décor. We can custom make table skirting. Forbes Group provides the following pleat styles; Shirred, Box pleat, Double box pleat, Regency pleat, Accordion pleat and Flat panels for contemporary tables.

types of table skirting pleats

Table skirting fastenings

Table skirting is typically attached to the table edge or to a table cloth with clips or hook & loop tape fastenings (Velcro).

Clips are attached using grommets that are sewn onto the top of the skirt. The clip is then fastened over the edge of the table surface.

Hook & loop fastening makes attaching the table skirt much quicker. One side of the tape is attached to the table skirt and the other side of the tape is sewn onto the table topper or the table protector. We call this Restaurant table skirting.

Forbes Group have also developed table skirts with a combination of elasticated and skirting fabric, so that you can pull the elasticated fabric top over the table and leave the skirts to hang down the side of the table. We call these Simple-Fit as they are simple to fit.

Types of table skirting usage

Examples of use:

Table skirting is used in many situations, two of the most popular are wedding top tables and wedding cake tables. Other uses for skirting include banquet tables and buffet service tables.

Table skirting can also be used for restaurant dining tables. Contemporary table covers are suitable for use in modern restaurant settings – these are table covers that incorporate flat panel table skirts, with splits at regular intervals to help with clients' comfort when seated at the table, with a sewn in topper. Contemporary table covers can be made with or without a gusset. When covered with a tablecloth, they provide a very clean contemporary style.

For more information on table skirting download our types of table skirting PDF from any of the table skirting product pages.

To see examples of table skirting in restaurants, view our hotel gallery pages.