Fold-Rite Tables

Fold-Rite banquet table

The frame and legs of Fold-Rite tables are made from steel, which make them ideal for situations where strength is the primary concern. Fold-Rite tables are used for buffets, banqueting set ups and as conference room tables. Stretch table covers, banquet table covers and conference table covers are available for Fold-Rite tables.

  • Table top surfaces are finished in sealed natural wood or flock coated
  • Round banquet tables and trestle tables come with aluminium edging
  • Table legs fold for storage
  • A table linking system is available which allows tables to be linked together
  • Tables can be stacked to minimise storage space
  • A table trolley, table castors and table leg extensions are also available for storage and transport

Table size

Round banquet tables:

91cmØ, 105cmØ, 122cmØ, 140cmØ, 152cmØ, 160cmØ, 183cmØ, 200cmØ

Half round tables:

122cmØ, 152cmØ, 183cmØ, 228cmØ

Rectangular table length:

122cm, 152cm, 183cm, 210cm, 240cm

Rectangular table width:

45cm, 60cm, 76cm