Mobile Bars

Our selected Mobile Bars and Back Bars are built to be durable and functional, yet attractive. Mobile bars are available in solid wood, wood veneer or laminate colour finishes and come in three lengths: 1.52m, 1.83m and 2.44m (5 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot).

Features of portable mobile bars:

Most mobile bars feature the following as standard:

  • a stainless steel work counter
  • insulated sink with drain
  • speed rails
  • sections for glass racks and storage
  • portable mobile bars on wheels mean easy relocation

Optional extras for portable mobile bars:

A wide range of optional accessories, which can be added to most models includes: beer dispensing systems and pre-mix systems, self-contained hand-washing systems and padded nylon covers.

Folding mobile bar

The Slim-Fold mobile bar folds into a compact unit that is ideal where storage is short.

Stainless steel back bars on wheels (rolling display shelves)

Stainless steel back bars can be moved on wheels to position behind a bar station wherever required. These rolling display shelves can be finished with paint or have stainless steel or brass frames. 

Please download the PDF for further details