Menu Boards & Poster Display Stands

Menu boards and poster stands are useful pieces of front of house equipment for restaurants, hotels, wedding venues, and conference halls. Stands are also used as a sign holder for notices in business, schools, universities and leisure facilities. Printed paper menus and notices are inserted into the frame and can be replaced easily. As the stands are freestanding, they can be relocated to anywhere they are required.

Features of Menu Boards & Poster Display Stands

  • Freestanding steel base
  • Aluminium post and frame
  • Frame angle can be adjusted to show portrait or landscape documents
  • Hold A3 & A4 size printed notices, posters & menus
  • Black or silver finish

Uses for Menu Boards & Poster Display Stands

Menu boards are typically used by restaurant front of house to display the current menu for guests to peruse before entering the restaurant. Poster display stands can be used throughout a hotel or event venue to notify guests of particular events that are taking place, provide table seating plans, issue temporary notices about a hazard or safety notice, stand outside event room doors to let guests know what event is taking placing inside a room, display room prices in reception, etc.