Cocktail Tables

Also known as poseur tables, bar tables or bistro tables

Buy poseur tables to suit your hotel, bar or restaurant from our range, available in a wide range of colours including black and white, silver, grey and red.

Tall poseur tables

The Calvados poseur table is 118cm high, so it is a bar height table and suitable for stand up cocktail events.

Small cocktail tables

Calvados, Manhattan and Grenadine have a low option (72.5cm-74cm) when a small cocktail table or bar table is required.

Round poseur tables

All our tables are available with a round top, either small (60cm diameter) or large (70cm diameter).

Square bar tables

All our tables are available with a square top, either small (60cm x 60cm) or large (70cm x 70cm).

Nesting cocktail tables

Manhattan tables have a flip top and nesting base, so that cocktail tables can be stored after use.

Folding poseur tables

All our poseur tables are available with fixed or folding table tops. Fixed table tops are more suitable as bar or bistro tables. Foldable table tops are more convenient when portable cocktail tables are required.

Banquet cocktail tables

Poseur tables can be covered with stretch cocktail covers making them ideal for event and conference break out areas. An acrylic top cover plate can be used to protect fabric covers during service.

Aluminium poseur tables

The aluminium base for our cocktail tables makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Please download the PDF for further details.