Lightweight Folding Tables (Alu-Lite®)

Lightweight folding tables for use as Buffet Tables, Banquet Tables, Seminar Tables, Conference Tables or Meeting Room Tables

Alu-Lite® tables are custom made to meet your venue requirements with a choice of laminate tops and frame finishes. Alu-Lite® can be used without a tablecloth or we can make stretch table covers, banquet table skirting or conference table covers to fit.

Lightweight tables

The frame and legs of Alu-Lite® folding tables are made from aluminium. As a result, they are half the weight of a conventional folding banquet table – they’re less likely to cause your staff injury, and as they need only one person to lift them, as they conform to the recommended EU guidelines for lifting weights in the workplace.

Folding tables

Alu-Lite® table legs are spring loaded and fold under the table in seconds, so they make the set-up and breakdown of rooms quicker than conventional tables. The folding tables can be stacked in a storeroom or on a table trolley (available separately).

Features of Lightweight Folding Tables

  • Wipe clean durable laminate table surface
  • Corner protection supplied as standard
  • Aluminium frame is environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, aluminium is resistant to corrosion

Lightweight Folding Banquet Tables or Buffet Tables

Alu-Lite® lightweight tables are ideal for banquets and buffets with a wipe clean surface made from durable laminate. The tables are available as rectangular trestle or round banquet tables.

Lightweight Folding Seminar Tables or Conference Meeting Room Tables

The Alu-Lite® folding table is used by many of our hospitality, education and event venues for conference meetings and seminars. The lightweight folding tables can be pushed together to form school, U-shaped or classroom configurations.

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