Seminar Tables

Folding Seminar Tables suitable for use as Conference Tables, Meeting Room Tables, Classroom Tables, Training Tables and Boardroom Tables

Attractive seminar tables for use in conference rooms and halls. Seminar tables can be customised to suit your seminar room, whether it is small or large. We have made extra-long seminar tables and narrow seminar tables to meet customer requirements. The seminar table top is available in a range of standard colours and wood effect finishes.

Seminar Tables & Conference Tables

Seminar tables can be used as conference tables for larger conferences and conventions. The seminar table is designed with narrow leg panels taking up as little space as possible to make room for more delegate legroom.

Seminar tables can be custom made to long and narrow sizes to enable more rows at a conference or multiple seminar tables can be linked to form rows in a large conference hall.

Folding & Flip-Top Seminar Tables

Seminar tables are available as folding tables or flip top tables. Folding seminar tables enable a venue to quickly set up a room before a seminar or conference. The table legs lock safely.

After the seminar or meeting is finished, the seminar tables can be folded up and stored on a table trolley (available separately) for transport to storage or they can be wheeled to another room (wheels are optional). Flip-top seminar tables can be nested together to take up less space.

Features of Seminar Tables:

  • 38mm table top in stylish wood grain finishes
  • Folding seminar table with self-locking hinge mechanism or Flip-Top seminar table
  • Quick to set up and clean down tables
  • Lightweight aluminium frame is recyclable
  • Available with or without wheels
  • Built-in power management (plug points) is optional
  • Modesty panels are available

Seminar Tables - Meeting Room Tables & Boardroom Tables

These seminar tables can be used in smaller meeting rooms and boardrooms. The quality finish of the table top instantly makes the room look executive. When space is at a premium, the seminar tables can be folded up and put away when the meeting room is needed. Oval boardroom tables are available.

Seminar Tables – School Classroom Tables & Training Tables

A table linking system is available for the seminar tables making them ideal for the classroom and training room. The seminar tables can be pushed together in classroom or theatre configurations for larger audiences and can be custom made in narrow and long sizes.

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