Room Service Hot Boxes

Room service hot boxes are the fastest way to transport hot food & beverages from the kitchen to the hotel guest. Hot boxes can be moved on a trolley, in a cart, or underneath a room service table on rails. Hot boxes can also be rolled long on wheels with an extending handle.

Features of room service hot boxes

  • Electric or solid fuel
  • Stainless steel or painted black finish
  • Internal shelves
  • Quick shipping options available

Room Service Cart with Hot Box

The room service cart with hot box has shelves for sundries and skid rails to stop the hot box from damaging the cart when it is added or removed. The cart is finished in easy to clean laminate finish.

Hot Box Room Service Trolley

The hot box room service trolley holds up to 6 hot boxes. It is supplied with a power strip for electric hot boxes.

Hotel Room Service Hot Boxes

Hotel room service is enabled by the use of hot boxes. The hot boxes can carry hot food and beverages to the hotel guest quickly while maintaining their temperature.

Single hot boxes can be rolled along the corridor using an extendable handle. Where a full in-room dining service is required, they can be transported on the rails under a room service table. Multiple rooms can be served using a hot box room service trolley.

Hotel guests demand hot food and quick service when they order food. Having an efficient system in place can make sure that your guests are impressed and happy with their stay.

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