What makes Buffet-Rite ‘a no-brainer’ ?

At Forbes, we know that in use, our table skirting, conference cloth, chair covers and furniture will take a pounding, so we design them accordingly.

Any other approach would be a false economy – we want our products to last, so that our relationship with you will last. Sometimes, that makes our products a bit more expensive than others but we think you get it.

We know that Franck Rosello gets it. As the Central Operations and Projects Manager for etc.venues Franck is responsible for fourteen locations across London and Birmingham. They all have a similar style – contemporary streamlined interiors, with light and airy rooms, a modern and energetic vibe, top-spec technological installations, various room sizes, relaxed break-out spaces, and healthy food cooked in-house.

Key to the etc. look is keeping things neat. Messy with streamlined doesn’t work. In the last three years, Franck has ordered 150 of our Buffet-Rite table tops. We figured that he probably liked the Buffet-Rite’s good looks. But that wasn’t the half of it.

Franck explained that he liked:

Sure the initial outlay is greater than banqueting cloth,” says Franck, “but in the long-run, ‘it’s a no-brainer’.”

The Buffet-Rite. A ‘no-brainer ‘. So now you know.

Our sincere thanks to Franck Rosello and etc.venues for taking the time to share their thoughts with us, and for permission to use images from ‘155 Bishopsgate’ venue.