InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa


Coastal hospitality venues can pose particular issues for furniture and equipment. Corrosion by salty sea-air and potential damage to wood by water, for example.

The InterContinental Hotel, Tahiti, which knows these issues well, has repeatedly returned to Forbes Group’s equipment over the past decade.

Forbes’ Alu-Lite tables in particular, with an aluminium frame and water –proof laminate top are ideally suited to cope with such conditions. Delivered to Tahiti in both rectangular and round, they are also supremely flexible in use. Initially they were ordered with pleated skirting, then with Taupe conference cloth for meetings, and more recently they’ve been updated with Forbes’ stretch Silcra covers which offer a more contemporary buffet presentation.

Last year, Buffet-Rite table tops, which slot over the Silcra covers, were also ordered, enhancing the Alu-Lite’s flexibility by making it a hot or cold buffet serving station – all spills being immediately wiped away, and reducing laundry costs (on the purse and the environment).

After the Alu-Lite had proved itself to InterContinental in this challenging (if heavenly) location, the group went on to order Forbes’ cocktail tables (also aluminium construction) and stretch covers– once again enabling one item to have multiple uses.

And in the potential damp, a lectern, in acrylic, was another welcome solution from Forbes Group.