New range of Acrylic Lids

Forbes Group’s new innovative Acrylic Lids bring an instant update to cocktail tables, as they emphasise any event and special occasion.

The acrylic plate is ideal for displaying your cocktail price list, menus, or flyers that advertise forthcoming events, whilst leaving the table surface available for drinks, displays or canapés.

Acrylic plates have a wipe clean surface which protects table covers from stains and spillages, allowing you to save on laundry costs and are available in a clear or frosted finish.

With a depth of 3mm, they are more lightweight than our previous range of acrylic lids, meaning a quicker and easier setup time for one person. They are slimmer, less bulky, easier to store, whilst offering an attractive price too.

When an acrylic plate is used with our Silcra stretch covers, a cocktail table is transformed into a sculpted and stunning drink station that complements any bar area, for indoor or outdoor use.

For further information on available sizes, please contact us on or call us on 01568 616638