Personal hotel service

Hotels have to provide a personalised service to their guests in order to make them feel welcome and ensure that a customer doesn’t forget them for their next holiday. One way to reinforce the brand is to personalise items that a guest will use, for example notepads in the room, towels and bed linen but branding can be used in other areas of the hotel too.

Luggage carts and covers with logos

Some of the first staff that a guest meets are the hotel porters that move their luggage from reception to their room and luggage carts can have branded carpets and finials as well as covers so that when they are not in use, the hotel logo is still prominent. Even bellman’s hand-trucks can have the hotel logo added to their plates.

Luggage cart cover with logo at 45 Park Lane

Conference room furniture

Business meetings and conferences are well recognised for the opportunity to incorporate hotel branding on conference blotters, notepads & pens, water bottles & glasses, etc. Alternative opportunities include the lectern used by the speaker which is likely to be shown in all the press photos and the screen for any presentations. Branding can even be applied to tables or modesty panels, and again this is useful when the table is used in the foreground of an event.

BCIN modesty panel

Stretch table covers with logo

Finally, don’t forget that any fabric accessories like flip chart covers or banner cloths, or even the conference tablecloths themselves can also have logos added to them, providing the whole room with a professional look. Stretch table covers can also be printed with a logo or printed over a whole surface to provide a quick and high impact positive impression.

Schroders Investment Management printed stretch cover

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