Buffet Skirting, Banquet Skirting & Catering Skirting

Table skirting is available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours to suit your hotel or conference venue requirements. Skirting can be used across your events for buffet tables, banqueting halls or restaurant catering.

Buffet table skirting vs tablecloth boxing

Catering skirting can be quickly set up for any size event, saving staff resources, as the skirting can be simply clipped on to the table edge and the tablecloth doesn’t need to be boxed.

Buffet table skirting also solves the problem of uneven or mismatched tablecloths as the clips hold the table skirt at an even level around the table.

Flexible banquet table skirting

Banquet skirting panels can be attached to cover any number of tables, whether you are catering for a small buffet breakout or large banquet.

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