Bellman's Equipment

A wide range of Bellman's Equipment including Hand Trucks and Self Service Luggage Carts.

A wide range of hotel porter trolleys, folding hand trucks, bellman's carts and trolleys for your hotel doorman, delivery man, bellhop or bellman to move hotel equipment or guest luggage around the hotel. This is a very small selection of the available options. Trolleys and hand trucks can be custom made with carpets to match your hotel decor. Luggage carts can be personalised with a company logo.

Folding Hand Trucks

  • Sturdy solid brass construction
  • Bumper strips to protect hotel walls
  • Pneumatic wheels for easy navigation
  • Long fold up drop nose
  • Carpet colour choice

Self Service Luggage Carts

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Rubber mat and vinyl bumpers
  • 8" wheels for easy navigation
  • Personalised logo available

Platform Truck

  • Reinforced steel deck
  • 8" wheels for easy navigation