Simple-Fit Table Skirting

Simple-Fit table skirting is a quick and effective way to dress your tables with no need for attachment clips or Velcro, providing a professional finish in minutes. When used as restaurant table skirting or a wedding top table cover, it’s easy to fit and stays centered and level on your tables.

Simple-Fit skirting is softly gathered and attached to a plain stretch topper – simply pull the stretch over the table edge and the skirting will fall into place ready for use.

  • Bespoke table skirting for round, square and oval banquet tables
  • Does not require clips or Velcro tape for attachment
  • Machine washable and easy care
  • Can be used over a padded table protector for a superior dining experience

We have a wide range of beautiful fabrics available. Please enquire for details and samples.