Hotel Arts Barcelona, a Ritz-Carlton property

Tried and tested, trolleys built to transfer huge quantities of luggage

Not only has Hotel Arts Barcelona used our Birdcage Luggage Trolleys for over 25 years but they are in constant use for hotel guests, day in and day out, from first thing in the morning to late at night. The solid carts (which are made from Stainless Steel and not just finished with steel coating) are subjected to a lot of traffic every day with heavy luggage loaded and unloaded by the Guest Services team repeatedly and long distances covered over 43 floors to the 483 rooms in the hotel.

Hotel Arts Barcelona has an unprecedented position on the Mediterranean coast with sea or city view rooms, six restaurants, sea-view treatment rooms in the spa at the very top of the building, an outdoor pool and the beach on the doorstep. The ballroom, event venues and conference rooms situated on the 40th & 41st floors offer over 3,000 square metres for meetings and conventions.

Reliable service, year after year after year

Hotel Arts Barcelona finds the Birdcage Luggage Trolleys so useful that they have added to their existing stock with new additions this year, bringing the number to over almost 20 carts. Gilles Van Der Spek, Assistant Rooms Executive for the hotel says the hotel continue to invest in the luggage trolleys from Forbes Group because they earn their keep by reliable service, year after year after year. “We transfer between 500 and 2000 pieces of luggage a day from reception to rooms or vice versa ”, says Gilles Van Der Spek.

This really evidences the amount of work that hotel staff conducts in other to welcome and manage the arrival of new customers, thanks to a fully dedicated team, coordinated by Gemma Linares, Director of Guest Services. As Gemma says, a minimum of 150 check-in and check-outs are carried out during one single day, which means a total of an astonishing 55.000 services per year.

Birdcage Luggage Trolley

The Birdcage Luggage Trolley has set the standard for quality luggage carts. The carts have steel reinforced decks that provide a solid platform for heavy baggage while the carpet provides a smooth and soft surface to prevent damage to personal luggage. Decks have a full wrap-around bumper to prevent scrapes against walls and corridor corners or lift edges while porters move the luggage to the clients’ room.

Cart tubing is 2” brass tube or there is a 2” stainless steel alternative, helping them to last many years. 8” pneumatic wheels make the carts easy to manoeuvre on hotel corridors. Carts can be personalised with branded hotel logo finials, making sure that the customer journey in the hotel is as luxurious and as memorable as possible.

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